Setting standards for GTM in recurring revenue 

The mission of the Go-To-Market Consortium (GTM Consortium) is to provide a best-in-class approach to recurring revenue companies, empowering them to drive sustainable and durable growth through proven GTM strategies.

Foundational Partners:

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30+ Contributing Members include:

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The GTM Standards

Proven standards that recurring revenue teams can use to achieve durable revenue growth.

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A Standardized Data Model.

The market is in need of a standardized Data Model that supports recurring revenue businesses and supports the vision of a fully interconnected GTM.


A Uniform Customer-Centric Methodology. 

Recurring revenue comes from recurring impact; therefore, Customer Impact must be at the center of all GTM activities (Sales, Marketing, CS) and consistent throughout the entire customer journey.


A Common Language. 

Marketing, Sales, and CS currently use different terms, and different metrics. A common language streamlines and unites these disparate functions across the data model and across platforms, so that everything connects.

Why standards are needed

Hear directly from the Foundational Partners why they felt the need to bring these standards to the industry.


The GTM Principles

We believe the ultimate Goal of any GTM team in a recurring revenue business is essentially the same: Create growth from acquisition, retention and expansion, at a cost that is affordable, while delivering a quality customer experience (defined as the right impact to the right customers).



This Goal can only be achieved when GTM is run as one cohesive team, rather than separate functions of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success departments.


It requires a uniform approach to GTM, rather than treating efforts as separate one-off initiatives (such as a lead gen campaign, product launch, or sales strategy).


The result of effective GTM should be a frictionless customer experience and increased recurring revenue.

What you can expect

The GTM Consortium releases research and insights via quarterly events, hosted by the Pavilion Community. 


Quarterly research reports on GTM topics.

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In-person workshops for local Pavilion chapters and events.

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Open workshops and AMAs with research previews.

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Virtual State of the Union sessions to explain how to apply the research.


Courses and curricula delivered via Pavilion or other Contributing Members’ platforms.

Become a contributing member

Contributing members are individual companies, PE/VC firms, or consulting firms that subscribe to, believe in, and use the research and frameworks of the GTM Consortium. Any company can apply and contribute to the standards once accepted.

Benefits of being a Contributing Member:

  • Early access to review and distribute the quarterly research
  • Logo / co-branding on research, events, and announcements (where applicable)
  • Eligibility for a speaking slot in each State of the Union address (where applicable)
  • Ability to provide input on research direction

All Contributing Members adhere to the following:

  • Agree to and support the Standards of this Consortium
  • Demonstrate, implement, and/or promote the key Principles within their business and to their audience (where applicable)
  • Willingness to participate in and promote the research and guidance produced by this Consortium

Note: Contributing Members do not need to be members or clients of Pavilion, Winning by Design, or GTM Partners.

Become a contributing member

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